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What to Do if a Dental Crown Falls Off

A dental crown is an excellent way to cover a broken tooth. A dental crown is a cap shaped like a tooth. It covers a tooth to improve its appearance or to restore its strength, shape and size. The cap covers the visible part of the tooth, and it is almost impossible to detect.

What to Do if a Dental Crown Falls Off

Your crown may become loose and may even fall off. It is a common dental emergency many people face. When your crown falls off,

  • Remove the crown from the mouth and save your crown.
  • Schedule an appointment with your dentist and inform the staff about your situation.
  • Buy some temporary adhesive cement from a drugstore and try to place the crown back in its place.
  • Do not chew anything hard or sticky on the crown side.
  • Before applying temporary cement, clean the area around the exposed tooth and the inside of the crown.
  • Do not use glue to reattach your crown.
  • If you suffer pain in that area, apply clove oil to reduce your pain.

Do not neglect to consult a dentist. Contact your dentist as early as possible to replace your crown.

Crown Dentist in Westchester NY

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