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May 05, 2014

No need to fear the dentist any longer! You won’t even feel the needle, I swear. Dr. Shirakura’s unique concept in delivering the novocaine will make you a believer. [‘hen, just sit in the chair and relax. Dr. Shirakura’s expertise of the latest trends in dentistry will make you feel comfortable that you are in that chair and that you chose the right dentist. He is the consummate professional that will explain every detail so that you know what is going on. His incredible knowledgeable staff rounds out the team.

Thanking You,

Robert L Blessey Esquire

April 30, 2014

Dear Friends,

I would just like to take a moment to acknowledge the wonderful care and treatment I have received for over the past 30 years!! Starting with my first appointment through to my most recent appointment (2 weeks ago) the care, attention and genuine interest in my dental health has consistently been a priority. Dr. Fields, Dr. Aki, Laura, Joanne, Lucy and Edvina are just delightful individuals, who clearly love their jobs. It is also very easy for me to remember all their names because the staff turnover is almost nonexistent!

Any dental exams, cleaning and all procedures are always explained in detail with the needs of the patient in mind. From the time they were babies my sons were treated by Dr. Fields and most recently Dr. Aki. No matter how long it took, their emotional needs were paramount, which I believe, has had a lifelong positive impact on how they feel about visits to the dentist.

Your practice is progressive and up to date on all the ever changing advances in dentistry and focuses on both clinical as well as cosmetic dentistry. These “old” teeth of mine look better than ever thanks to all the wonderful professionals who so passionately provide and promote good dental hygiene. With all sincerity, I am a very fortunate patient and would highly recommend this skilled and compassionate practice to everyone.

Thank you, thank you,

Susan L. Weaver