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Reasons People Consider a Smile Makeover

A great smile will leave a positive impact on any person you meet. However, some people are self-conscious about their smile because they think it is unattractive, which leaves them feeling unsure about themselves. So the professionals at Aki Shirakura DDS are here to help you smile with confidence. With our use of advanced technology we can now give you a smile makeover with cosmetic and restorative dental procedures. Our resources allow us to put a great smile on your face that reflects health, joy and positivity to the world around you.

Below are a few reasons people might consider a smile makeover:

  • You are inhibited about the gaps between your teeth.
  • You have a gummy smile because your teeth are not proportionate.
  • You have yellowish teeth.

You have crooked or crowded teeth.

If you feel embarrassed when you smile and want to be more confident, then come get a smile makeover. A smile makeover will boost your confidence and help you build a positive relationship with the people around you.

Say Yes To A Great Smile !

At the office of Aki Shirakura DDS, a new smile awaits you! Get a smile makeover and boost your self confidence. Our staff is dedicated to addressing and meeting the needs and expectations of each and every patient who walks through our doors, and will give you the individualized professional care that you need and deserve. Call us today at 914-303-6150.


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