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Pain Management

Dental pain is due to nerve damages in the root part of the tooth due to inflammation in the pulp. Tooth pain will be very sharp and may be caused due to several reasons like ulcerative gingivitis, dental caries and food impaction. Patients should immediately consult a dentist if symptoms of tooth pain worsen.

Types of dental aches

Toothaches mostly occur due to poor oral health. A professional dentist can determine the exact cause and diagnose accordingly.
1. Pain due to tooth sensitivity: This may be due to loss of enamel or wear and tear of tooth due to aging or cavity.
2. Intense tooth pain: Intense throbbing pain may be due to infection, and usually produces swollen jaws or face.
3. Chronic tooth pain: This may be due to damage of internal gum nerves due to severe tooth decay.
4. Triggered by biting: If pain occurs while you are eating, then it may be a crack in the tooth or tooth decay.
5. Triggered by hot or cold food items: This is tooth sensitivity caused by gingival recession.
6. Pain associated with wisdom teeth: Back molars or wisdom teeth cause pain in the jaws and face.

Causes of dental aches:

Common causes of dental aches include:

Cosmetic dental treatment in Armonk NY

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