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Cosmetic dentistry refers to dental treatments or procedures that enhance the appearance of your teeth and smile. These treatments can change the size, shape, and alignment of teeth, fill spaces between teeth, improve or correct bites, make your teeth more white, repair cracked teeth, replace missing teeth and do much more to improve your smile.

Types of cosmetic dental treatments:

Teeth Whitening: Teeth get stained from smoking, food, drink or poor oral health. Teeth whitening treatment lightens the color of your teeth and makes your smile look beautiful.
Dental Implants: This is the treatment used to compensate tooth loss, where an artificial tooth is fixed in the area of a missing tooth.
Dental Veneers: Dental veneers are used to correct a chipped, cracked or severely discolored tooth. Dental Veers are tooth colored porcelain or composite resin facings that are adhesively bonded to the surface of tooth to give it a good appearance.
Dental Crowns: Dental crowns are tooth shaped caps that are used to cover the part of the tooth above gum. Dental crowns not only add beauty to your smile, but also strength and durability to your teeth.
Bonding: This procedure corrects the appearance of chipped or decayed teeth. In this procedure,a dental composite material is applied into the cavity or onto the surface of a tooth, where it is then sculpted into shape, and hardened with a high-intensity light.

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