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Can a Chipped Dental Crown or Tooth Be Repaired?

Teeth are tough due to the enamel that covers it. Enamel is considered the hardest material in the body. It assists in protecting the nerves and roots inside the teeth from decay and pain. However, teeth are not unbreakable. They can get chipped from:

  • wear and tear
  • a fall or a blow
  • biting something hard
  • teeth grinding
  • tooth decay

A chipped dental crown or tooth can be repaired. If you chip your tooth and feel any pain or discomfort make an appointment with Dr. Aki Shirakura DDS. We will examine your chipped tooth and provide you with the best options for repair.

How a Chipped Dental Crown Can Be Repaired

A dental crown is made of metals, porcelain-fused-to-metal, resin, ceramic or porcelain. Dental Crowns are not easy to chip, but it can happen.

Porcelain crowns can chip, and like normal teeth, if the chip is not too large, it can be repaired using resin that matches the color of the crown. The durability of dental crowns are five to fifteen years, or more. However, porcelain crowns are more delicate and may need to be replaced.

How a Chipped Tooth Can Be Repaired

It is possible to repair a chipped tooth, but the treatment may be different depending on the situation:

  • How much of the tooth is chipped
  • Where the chipped tooth is located
  • The condition of the tooth

If the chip is small, it can be easily repaired by bonding. Bonding is a simple process where a material called resin is placed on the tooth and then shaped to look like the natural tooth. The resin is made to match the color of the natural tooth. Bonding is especially useful when the chipped tooth is a front tooth. The process is painless and doesn’t require numbing the tooth.

If a chip is large, then it can be repaired with a filling. This is the same process that is used when a tooth is decayed. If a chip in the tooth is too large and unable to be repaired, then it may need to be covered with a dental crown. This will protect the tooth from further damage.

Do You Have A Chipped Dental Crown Or Tooth? Get Dental Repair From Dr. Aki Shirakura & Associates!

Our desire is that each and every client who walks through the doors of Aki Shirakura DDS has a dental experience that they feel great about. Our goal is to put make you feel good about yourself by providing excellent dental care. Our knowledge and experience allows us to feel confident in our work. We look forward to seeing you smile! Call us today at (914) 303-6150.


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